Paddler’s Guide to the Champlain Valley


PaddlersChamplainValley “This excellent book …. should be essential reading for anyone with an interest in the waterways, the landscape, the heritage, and the future of Lake Champlain and its watershed.” Bill Howland, Director, Lake Champlain Basin Program​

A Paddler’s Guide to the Champlain Valley
Exploring the Rivers, Creeks, Wetlands, and Ponds

By Margaret Holden & Catherine Frank
414 pages, 50 maps, 90 photographs

Black Dome Press, Delmar N.Y. , 2015

  In their first book, a Kayaker’s Guide to Lake Champlain, Catherine Frank and Margaret Holden offered detailed paddling tours as they circumnavigated America’s “other great lake.” In a Paddler’s Guide to the champlain Valley, they explore the “interior,” the waters within the seven basins of the Champlain Valley – the Missisquoi/Pike, Lamoille, Winooski, Otter/Lewis, Saranac/Chazy, Boquet/Ausable, and the Poultney-Mettawee/South Lake – with 42 guided adventures along the rivers and through the wetlands and wildlife regues of this region’s uniquely beautifull natural environment, providing a wealth of information along the way on ecology, geology, history, plants & Wildlife
Book Review, Candance Page, Burlington Free Press, Aug. 9, 2015

Other Reviews
“Certainly not just a guide for paddlers. This is one of the best all-round, multifaceted orientations to the lake I have ever read, and will be of benefit to any lake student, boater, shoreline explorer, bird watcher, diver, hiker, or anyone with an interest in gaining a better understanding of this wonderful place we call Lake champlain.” Arthur B. Cohn, Executive Director, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

“What a delightful blend of natural history, lore, conservation and expert trip information about kayaking on Lake Champlain! Written with a paddler’s eye view, the book captures the beauty, the mystery, and modern-day conservation challenges of this lovely 6th great lake. After just a few pages, you’ll want to head for the lake with your kayak.” Katie Dolan, kayaker and Director of The Nature Conservancy in Eastern New York

“This book is the perfect companion for any kayaker, beginner or experienced, exploring the scenic beauty, natural history, and biodiversity of lake Champlain. It is a gift to all who enjoy Lake Champlain’s irreplaceable treasures.” Chris Boget, Executive Director, Lake Champlain Land Trust.