Reviews of Paddler’s Guide to the Champlain Valley

“This excellent book… should be essential reading for anyone with an interest in the waterways, the landscape, the heritage and the future of Lake Champlain and it watershed.” Bill Howland, Director, Lake Champlain Basin Program.

“Reading this book is quite a lot like paddling down a river in the Lake Champlain basin from its headwaters to its delta; all of it fascinating, the text moves constantly, and the writing is beautiful. However, the authors have written far more than a paddlers’ guide might imply – this is a very well researched and carefully presented array of coordinated guidance to enable an explorer to really see the nature, the landscapes and the history, in addition to enjoying the immediate views along the way.” Bill Howland, Director, Lake Champlain Basin Program.

” The authors of this paddler’s guide to the Champlain Valley deserve thanks and gratitude from all of us who care about Lake Champlain and its tributaries. They offer not only a book paddlers will carry as a basic reference on outings throughout the region, but also a broad overview of the natural history and ecology of our watershed. Most important, they help us understand how to better protect our waterways.” John Davis, wildways trekker and author of “Big, Wild, and Connected”.

River Explorers – by Candace Page, Burlington Free Press, Aug 9, 2015