Champlain Valley Rivers TOC

A Paddler’s Guide to the Champlain Valley Guide

by Margaret Holden and Catherine Frank
COPYRIGHT Catherine L. Frank & Margaret D. Holden 2015

Table of Contents

Caution and Safety Tips
Users’ Guide to the Book
Responsibilities of a Paddler

Chapter I: Lake Champlain Basin

  1. Overview
  2. Geology of the Lake Champlain Basin
  3. Human History
  4. Plants of the Champlain Basin
  5. Wildlife of the Champlain Basin

Chapter II: Rivers, Creeks and Wetlands 43Wetlands

  1. Rivers and Creeks
  2. Wetlands
  3. Riverside Plants
  4. Reptiles and Amphibians
  5. Fish

Chapter III: Challenges

  1. Climate Change
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Toxic Substances
  4. Invasive Species

Chapter IV: Missisquoi/Pike Basin (Quebec and Vermont) 

(Pike/Brochet River, The Rock River, Missisquoi River – 6 trips)

Chapter V: Lamoille Basin (Vermont)

(Charcoal Creek, Maquam Bay and First Creek, Black Creek and Jewett and Stevens Brooks, Mill River, Arrowhead Mountain Lake,Lower Lamoille, Colchester Pond, Malletts Creek )

Chapter VI: Winooski Basin (Vermont)

(Winooski River – 4 trips,  Shelburne Pond, LaPlatte River)

Chapter VII: Otter/Lewis Basin (Vermont)

(Lewis Creek , Little Otter Creek – 3 trips,  Otter Creek, Dead Creek – 2 trips)

Chapter VIII: Saranac/Chazy Basin (New York and Quebec

(The Great Chazy River, Scomotion Creek (Dead Creek), Saranac River)

Chapter IX: Boquet-Ausable Basin (New York)

(Lower Ausable River and Dead Creek, Ausable Marsh (Dead Creek), Lower Boquet River)

Chapter X: Poultney-Mettawee, South Lake Basin (New York and Vermont)

(LaChute River – 3 trips, South Bay (New York), Lower Poultney River, Whitney Creek (Vermont), East Creek (Vermont)

Appendix A: What We Can Do
Appendix B: River and Lake Organizations 382
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